Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Final Solution: Debatable

Do you find yourself looking at life as a succession of events which have to be gotten over with? It’s a dangerous way to live for the simple reason that the minute one sickening challenge is over and you think you’re on the open road, you’re likely to face the disappointing fact that something new is about to propose itself. There seems to be no time in which you’re ever allowed to lie back and relax. The problem with this way of thinking may reside in the fact of initially wanting to postpone the feeling that you're alive to another day, month or year. The fact is, as odious as anything is, it’s all you really have. Many people watching the Trump Biden debate  couldn’t believe their eyes. There was the feeling that they’d been cheated into watching something that was not only a waste of time but also exhausting, dispiriting and enervating. Some may have even felt like giving up. Debates are usually places where you have the opportunity to see the human spirit soar. Hearing a gifted orator like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama provides an endorphin rush. You often find the cadences of their words infusing your speech. The first Trump Biden debate was a little like something out of childhood. Remember when the horizonal or vertical bar would interrupt your viewing of the TV and you’d have to wait for the television repair man (a now obsolescent profession in the age of cheap flat screen TVs). The experience of the debate was also like that of static interference, where you can’t hear due to background noise. Adaptation is the name of the game. Rather than waiting for the atmosphere to clear, you’ve got to find a means of embracing the discomfort. It’s a little like the experience of a new art form in which the expected catharsis is slow in coming.

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