Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Final Solution: The Rest Is Silence

This is not my day might be your response during one of those perfect storms that are occurring regularly considering the comorbidities of coronavirus and racial and economic inequality.  But swinging your legs off the side of the bed and declaring, this is going to be my day won't change anything. You can’t will away the weather and tropical storms have been particularly precocious this year, starting in July on the East Coast when they usually arrive in August or September. A positive attitude based on a blindness to reality is nothing more than a delusion. It would be hard to imagine victims of a nuclear attack like Hiroshima or the firebombing of Dresden taking a positive attitude. An unwarranted positive attitude is a caffeine high. For a moment you feel better, then you need another gulp until by the end of a few hours you have one of those acid stomachs that comes from drinking too much coffee. How to mitigate a complete disaster? It’s unanswerable. Little by little the survivors pick themselves up by their boot straps and begin to help  each other. And as Hamlet says, “the rest is silence.” 

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