Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Final Solution: Biblical Time

"The Deluge" by Francis Danby (1840)
Has civilization caught up with the bible? Or can it be said than mankind is going through its first truly biblical situation--since the time of the bible that is. Naturally there was the influenza of l918 which may have killed 50 million people, and 32 million have died of AIDS and then there was the bubonic plague which ravaged Europe in the middle ages and which accounted for the Decameron, a series of tales told by survivors who had recused themselves in the hills above Florence. Pompeii and Santorini were both ravaged by volcanoes. However, the highly contagious and deadly Coronavirus has turned into a virtual tsunami--aided and abetted by the interconnectivity and globalism. No one and nothing has been spared and there have been no exceptions, though economic inequality and racism have themselves created a co-morbidity. The most advanced country on the planet, with supposedly the greatest amount of expertise and wealth, is seeing its citizens barred from entrance to EU countries. Who would have thought, but the world itself is on the tipping point with futuristic Mad Max scenarios of desolation already becoming realities? Who will want to live and work in the great cities of the world whose cultural institutions have become shuttered? Homo sapiens depend on reason and rationality. Consciousness is the great accomplishment of prehensile creatures, but what’s exacerbating the current problem and allowing for the spiking of the disease in those states which have been too precocious in reopening their economies is their failure to understand the biblical nature of the current onslaught. Technological man expects and demands an immediate cure. There's still no vaccine for AIDS or even the common cold. Is there surety one will be found for Coronavirus? The disease is something that it may be necessary to accommodate to. Periods of optimism in which one or another society seems like a safe haven may be followed by "dark ages" in which whole populations walk around with deadened eyes like characters in a zombie movie. It might not be six months, a year or even two, rather 40 years that the human race wanders in the desert before finding its promised land. 

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