Friday, July 17, 2020

Is Context Nine-Tenths of the Law?

It used to be said about property that possession is nine tenths of the law. The same may be said about context. The world is increasingly lawless and quantum with relativity not as in Einstein but as a general philosophical context creating is own perverse categorical imperative. Is it possible to imagine an extemporaneous moral universe in which the equivalent of Night Court is being perpetually convened to determine action within a dynamic set of coordinates? Imagine decision making as a form of standup or improvisational comedy in which a constantly changing set of actions and characters are constantly being introduced into the action. The fact that human action is overdetermined only cranks up the possible permutations and combinations accorded this hyper- vigilant universe in which understanding is shifting at exponential rates. Consciousness itself regarded as the ne plus ultra of evolutionary achievements may be demoted to a lower station on the food chain, as the specter of cosmology and the multiverse input the triage of incoming philosophical emergencies.

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