Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Final Solution: Georgia Tech v. N.Y.U.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets' Mascot (photo: Brooke Novak)
Americans love competitive events like the Superbowl (which may end up confined to the virtual world this season). So why not have a competition between the states to see who can get the lowest coronavirus figures? Georgia Governor Brian Kemp refuses to mandate the use of masks. He’s also suing cities like Atlanta which have ("Georgia Governor Sues to End Cities Defiance on Mask Rules," NYT, 7/16/20). But if deregulation is what Kemp wants then let free market capitalism propose the cure. If Georgia has a rising infection rate, they’re going to lose revenue. There won’t be an issue about lockdowns or not. Many companies will go out of business. However, let’s say Georgians in general decide they’re tired of  losing to their Northern rivals like New York. Let’s say Kemp decides he wants to get back at Cuomo by outdoing him at his own game. The arguments about individual rights are going to stop. They’ll be social pressure for social distance. If "We’re Number #1,” becomes the new cheer, everyone is going to unite. It’s bird in hand and a chicken in every pot. The Protestant Ethic still rules the American psyche. Profit rather than morality is the great incentive. Make America great! Not really. Make Americans safe and the EU will again want their money.

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