Friday, April 24, 2020

The Final Solution: Is Coronavirus Transformative?

Coronavirus is not necessarily transformative. You may find out that despite the apocalyptic feeling the world is coming to an end (at the very least the familiar world of barber shops, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys you once knew), that you still wake up, look in the mirror, still self-absorbed and still not necessarily liking what you see. Perhaps instead of experiencing a raising of consciousness amidst crisis, you may very well find yourself plunging down a succession of rabbit holes, deeper and deeper into yourself. The same obsessions may haunt you. You still want to go on porn sites all the time to see the naked bodies of creatures you will never be able to have and you continue to be made jealous when lo despite everything there are still people who remain a rebuke to your own piddling existence. You may very well cry out “schmuck” when you see that despite all your over-the-top efforts to persevere for the company,  the dunderhead who once occupied the work station next to you has gotten the coveted promotion, even though the firm is conducting all its activities on-line and everyone is working at home. He will be your now socially distant boss! Despite the collapse and the threat that the world is not going to go on, it keeps going on and while you’re busy looking at life under the aspect of eternity, someone not only doesn't have your back, but is doing things behind it.

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