Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Diasporic Dining: Coronavirus and Michelin Ratings

During the course of the current crisis, have you ever caught yourself having frighteningly awful thoughts—like for instance hoping that the daily death counts will minimize so you can shop in the supermarket without feeling like it's a dangerous activity? Now here’s another thought. You know you always walked by a restaurant if it were empty? Well, once people start going out again the bad restaurants will suddenly be in demand, precisely because they’ll provide lots of social distance, a much more coveted commodity than good food. The problem is that once people hear about a good bad restaurant they’ll flock to it. Now the once coveted reservation in the haute cuisine establishment will be easy to get and it will suddenly be the haute cuisine establishment that affords more social distance. A new universe is on the horizon at least from the point of view of restaurant going in which diners will have to actually monitor the vacillations in a topsy turvy universe in which unpopularity is directly proportionate to desirability, where the reverse used to be obviously the case. Talk about changes. With these new grading factors in effect, how will coronavirus affect a restaurant’s Michelin rating?

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