Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Final Solution: The Ice Age

What if this is metaphorically the beginning of a new Ice Age in which dinosaurs like the President finally become extinct? If the giant reptiles who ruled the earth weren’t wiped away by a cataclysmic event then there might never have been human kind. So there is hope, but how much destruction will need to perpetrated in order for the current species at least to get the point? When Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia precipitously opens his state to such needed businesses as tattoo parlors while mayors in cities like Albany and Augusta find their protests falling on deaf ears, one wonders at the almost biblical quality of the governor's defiance. The coronavirus has become like the Golden Calf for that part of the base now marching in the streets as pandemic deniers. The Holocaust deniers occupy sit one pew behind. The problem is that there's little innocence anywhere. In the current environment no one is unaffected, no man is an island. What if those who doggedly resist even White House directives (like the Georgia governor) prevail and little covens of viral activity begin to explode. These hotbeds of disease could possibly undo all the progress made by states like New York. The current situation requires both individual and collective responsibility, lest all the dinosaurs and the gentle animals that are their prey are all swallowed up into a viral abyss. 

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