Monday, March 30, 2020

The Final Solution:The WPA

The natural human tendency is to think life will return to normal. The soldier goes to war and comes home expecting to continue on where he left off—and there are many cases which illustrate that happening. Many veterans have come home and extended their educations courtesy of the G.I. Bill. The high school sweetheart or wife they left behind was waiting for them—or not. There are many people who think that after the period of disruption caused by the coronovirus, life will return to normal. Donald Trump is one of them and he plainly believes it will even be better. The appeal of his rhetoric is understandable Who wouldn't want to indulge the fantasy that those who lost their jobs will get better ones? The Hoover campaign of 1928 offered a chicken in every pot. Now it’s around $1200. But is it pessimistic to believe that the current pandemic will live up to its name with its effect being truly global? The United States economy will not simply pick up on its own since its interconnected with so many others which have taken terrific hits. If America gets up from the canvas, it’s hard to believe that the fighter will still not be sent staggering into the ropes after taking subsequent hits from failing economies elsewhere which suck out energy like a black hole (not to speak of the fact that the virus may strike back again). It’s great to hear the American economy will be even more robust and Trump's skyrocketing approval ratings reflect this. However, with as much as a possible 20% unemployment from the collapse of so many businesses, perhaps what’s called for is a new WPA. That's in essence what those like Governor Cuomo want when they're asking the Federal government to employ private industries--and by proxy millions of layed off workers--to get the job done.

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