Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pornosophy: What You Get

Every war has its legacies. After the Second World War you had the MacArthur Plan. Coronovirus has led to the widespread employment of on-line video conferencing facilities like Zoom which have allowed people to instantaneously reconstitute the socialization and fraternizing that was cut short by the pandemic. There are people who're finding they actually prefer Zoom to listening to someone talk in a crowded environment full of distracting stimulae. In the sexual arena chat sites and virtual reality have long been industries. It’s more enjoyable to engage in on-line foreplay, which requires a greater degree of imagination, then to indulge the real thing which can always be disappointing in the way reality, compared to fantasy, usually is. When the dust settles it may turn out that people eventually find they prefer to live in a state of perpetual social distancing. Why not put the "Just Married" logo up on Zoom? Your partner may be in one city and you in another, but you’ll enjoy screen time together on your wedding night. Sweet nothings can be exchanged, with each of you being able to consummate in full view without having to worry about STDs. After whatever quarantine period, previously decided in the pre-nup, passes and you’re both deemed to be free of any ailments, you might agree to meet in person and even spend the night together—though what you get is unlikely to be anything like what you saw in the preview. 

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