Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Final Solution: Coronavirusville

Coronavirus (CDC)
Social distancing has become the lingua franca of human interchange, but most experts believe that once you've become infected with Coronavirus, you’re immune. And one wouldn’t be surprised to find some canny entrepreneur exploiting the population of those who have gotten the disease and recovered from it. Imagine a chain of Club Med type all-inclusive resorts limited to those who have already been infected. You might even have a Club Hedonism for those who walk on the wild side called Club Covid- 19. The resorts would spawn towns and even mini cities whose requirement for entry and condominium membership would be a certain level of wealth and naturally a certificate of infection. While the rest of the world went about their impoverished existences worrying about touching infected shopping cart handles, this new group of jet setters will constitute a permissive counterculture who'll thumb their noses at the rest of suffering humanity forced to recuse themselves from all the fun. Talk about gated communities. Within these guarded enclaves, it'll be be Woodstock all over again. After months and years of isolation, the inhabitants will frolic in nude hot tubs within communes loaded with, what else but that precious commodity, other people! La Corona might be the name of a three star Michelin restaurant in cities with names like Coronavirusville. You may have heard people talking about wanting to get infected, but it’s not only to get a head start on the disease, it’s because they want to have a good time.

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