Monday, March 23, 2020

The Final Solution: Is the Libido Right Wing?

If the inner life were political, what party would the libido belong to? Would it be the Democratic or Republican? Certainly, it wouldn’t be a member of the Green Party. And is the superego, a moralizing wishy-washy liberal perpetually appalled by displays of instinctual and selfish behavior? Is sexuality right wing? Now with the up and coming presidential election laying itself out as a Manichean struggle between good and evil, something that a Cecil B. DeMille or even Stanley Kubrick could have down justice to in his Path of Glory and Spartacus days, it feels like the struggles that really matter in the hearts of human beings have been consigned to an emotional Lilliput. For those who hate him, Trump has become a Satan of Miltonic dimensions who sucks the air out of any room.  On a practical level, the whole existence of Trump is a little akin to the relationship between the keyboard and cursive writing. The electorate have become so polarized and inflamed by the Trump phenomenon, together with Coronavirus they’ve lost the ability to partake in normal conversation about comparatively puny human interactions like who has a crush on whom. 

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