Monday, December 9, 2019

The Joys of Pre or Postprandial Bliss

Epicurus (Castellani Collection; purchase, 1873)
Postprandial conversations and activities exist in a world all their own. Hunger can influence one's perspective about the nature of human existence with gnawing emptiness leading to a rather depressing prognosis about the prospects of the human race. Hunger is definitely a depressant. The jury is out about having a meal before sex. You may remember the famous scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen is about to introduce Diane Keaton to the joys of deli and suggests getting the kissing over first. There's something very satisfying about relieving the urge to merge before one enjoys a steak. Generally there's a glow to a couple who have just consummated and also they're less likely to overeat. However playing the devil's advocate one may argue that good food and conversation open the gateways to the heart. What would Epicurus, whose name is associated with both delicacy and the golden mean, have said?

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