Friday, December 6, 2019


Joie de vivre is a kind of throw-a-away, a tongue-in-cheek means of addressing the tip of the iceberg. Essentially it means nothing. Junkies chasing highs are joy seekers. However, beyond a certain hedonism, there are those who are driven by the gluttonous desire to milk the cow for everything its worth. If you can imagine the dandyish concept of art for art’s sake extended to longevity, you will be confronted with precisely the type of person who insists on prolonging his or her own life at any costs. Maybe fear is the motivation, yet you have undoubtedly read about the situation of families whose nest eggs are totally emptied in trying to defray the medical costs of an older generation who are living preternaturally long lives. Forget the quality of the lives in many cases reduced to no more than the ingestion and regurgitation of food. The fact is they're like black holes that seep the life out of others. Respect for the sanctity of life is often regarded as an admirable intention. However, does that apply to old people hanging on simply because they’re afraid to let go? Praise is often heaped on an aged individual just for persevering and continuing to eat, sleep and defecate every day while the lives of all those around them are squandered on the need to care for someone who has overstayed their welcome. "Living well is the best revenge," said George Herbert. No it's living so long that you outlive your own children.  Advances in medicine are extending the existence of the parent, literally and metaphorically, at the expense of the child.

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