Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Double Indemnity

Everybody reaches for the impossible dream. It's Saturday night and you want to see a great uplifting or at least enlightening movie followed by a delicious meal. But let's say you accomplish your goal and fulfill your wish. Where does that leave you? Your imagination is sated and your stomach is stuffed and you're a little like a car parked in an overly tight space. There's nowhere left to move and certainly nothing to look forward to. But consider the emetic effect of going to a lousy movie and following it with a dreadful meal. Having sunk this low the only direction is up. Instead of feeling stuffed with food and art, you're starving. Now you really have a future, but before you dive in, think. You could read all the reviews and make sure you got the right film and redoubt in which to enjoy the great discussion you imagine will transpire under optimal conditions. Or, you could make the same mistake twice (even perhaps going back to see the same lousy film and eating in the same horrible restaurant) to see if you can finally get it right and really have something to live for. Which will it be?

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