Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Final Solution: Freddy's Dead?

 Freddy Kueger (Robert Englund)
"The Cost of Trump’s Aid Freeze in the Trenches of Ukraine’s War,"NYT, 10/24/19 "Trump’s Syria Troop Withdrawal Complicated Plans for al-Baghdadi Raid,"NYT, 10/27/19 are two recent headlines. Besides the concerns about domestic policy mixing with foreign affairs, the first story continues suspicions of an unholy alliance between Trump and Putin. But what about the mission which lead to the killing of the ISIS leader? In a sense there’s no rationale for the withdrawal of the troops.That's what’s upsetting. It’s almost comforting to look at Trump as a mastermind, concocting elaborate machinations in comparison to the other suggestion that there’s no method to the madness. It’s like the difference between murder #1 and second-degree murder or manslaughter. The lack of premeditation is cause for concern. Conspiracy theories reek of purpose, but what seems to be emerging is the idea that the President should get a DWI since he’s like a drunken driver en route to a head-on collision with every policy his predecessor ever created. NAFTA, Globalism, DACA, Paris environmental accord, Iran nuclear agreement, transgender bathrooms. "Trump Administration Considers a Drastic Cut In Refugees Allowed to Enter U.S.,NYT, 9/6/19 was a story from The Times which could have been a satire from The Onion. It’s all like one of those horror movies where the killer is constantly returning to reek havoc. Is Trump really the Lord of Misrule, a Freddy Krueger character who returns to attack Americans in their dreams?

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