Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Homo Peleton

Peleton on Amazon
This is the heyday for people who aren’t going anywhere. Peleton the spinning company epitomizes this stay at home mentality since it provides the illusion that you're in a bike race with others while not forcing its patrons to so much as attend classes in a gym. Retail is dead and most people acquire their wardrobes and practically everything else on Amazon which was once better known as the name of the famous rainforest in Brazil. It remains unclear why you would need much in the way of clothing by the way, if you’re not going out, but that poses another question: is fashion dead? There are undoubtedly couples who connected on dating sites, but have never actually met. There may even be those who have gotten married on line and have yet to meet. Remember those Neanderthals (Johns) who bought and sold sex (streetwalkers) on the corner. Now you go to chat rooms with live webcams. You don’t have to go anywhere or physical engage another human being for sex. Thinking of a vacation? Why not try virtual reality or a simulated universe like Second Life, which can all be accessed on your laptop (if you don't feel like getting out of bed)? Surely even hot spots like Club Hedonism, with only a slim connection to reality to begin with, must be considering franchises in the virtual reality universe. There are many pluses about going outside, particularly on a beautiful day when the sun is shining, but they’re outweighed by the potential inconvenience of being mowed down by killers armed with semi-automatics, particularly if you make the stupid mistake of deciding to go to the mall.

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