Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Final Solution: Addicted to the News Cycle

Altair78-(talk). Based on a picture by Doug Waldron.
Agitation itself is a form of insanity since it shifts the axis upon which you’re viewing the world. It’s an infernal machine however since being in a state of tumult actually accomplishes certain goals—one of which is to allay depression. Interconnectivity is a two-edged sword. You may find yourself totally hooked in and no longer alone or deprived of information. You’re a part of the discussion, but few discussions are free from conflict. Decades ago one watched the evening news at 7:00 o’clock and maybe capped off the night with a local news report. Human consciousness has become part of a constant pipeline of environmental and political catastrophe. There are those who recuse themselves from Facebook, Twitter and the constant news feeds that come through on any smartphone. But billions of people are now like molecules of water whose kinetic energy is increased as the temperature is brought to the boiling point. Where is the base line? How is it possible to achieve a feeling of objectivity in this maelstrom of cosmic turmoil? You’ve heard people futilely vow to lay off watching news cycles which increasingly affect their sleep—to no avail. The stimulation and ensuing discontent are addictive and can only be palliated with some new disaster that enables them to place their prior concerns on the backburner.

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