Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Narcissistic Logorrhea

Have you ever been confronted with a person who talks incessantly so they don’t have to think or face anything? Is it possible to get together with someone who rattles on entirely about themselves and never asks you a thing about yourself? When they’re going at you, they might as well be talking to themselves since there's no way to break through the barrage of language—though that's precisely the point. It may sound oxymoronic but a stream of consciousness actually replaces thought. For personality types like this words provide a defensive barrier to the reality of their own solitude, but language is also a way of keeping reality at bay. If you've become so twisted or traumatized that you’re unable to conduct relationships, the constant talk is a form of prolepsis, a foregone conclusion and attempt to answer questions that have yet to be asked. You may become tired, impatient and angry in the face of such behavior which seems like a procrustean steam roller, unremitting in its intensity and characterized by a seeming imperviousness and obliviousness to everything in its way. Are people who behave like this suffering from narcissistic logorrhea or are they selfish schmucks who simply have given up any pretense of human empathy?

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