Monday, August 12, 2019

You may have heard of the 50’s+ dating site, “OurTime,” ( for the Tinder of heart. The problem is that you have to be wary of the kind of perverts that are turned on by protheses. If you're looking for a site that caters to the crowd who want to remain sexually active despite the hearing aids and walkers, you might want to go to “HasBeen,” ( At HasBeen you’re likely to meet your match. There's a certain etiquette to negotiating your way around to the extent that you have to at least act like a has been. If you boast about your current success say winning in 50 and over men’s singles at the Club, you aren’t going to meet a soul. No one's going to be impressed by someone who's happy and well-adjusted and uses expressions like “I can’t complain,” and “sounds like a plan.” You don’t want to exchange contact information with someone who's “on the same page" with you. It’s hard telling someone who's looking for a mate what to say, but a typical exchange on HasBeen might go something like this. “I used to like bike riding.” Without missing a beat and without so much as an acknowledgment of what the other person has said, the respondent should discuss how much biking they did when they were young. Not only are they talking only about themselves, with little recognition that the other even exists, they're describing an activity that's basically defunct—at least in their life. All the stars of the site are has beens and if you join up you want to hit the nail on the head, emphasizing that you're one too.

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