Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Roto-Rooter and Nothingness

Sam Blanc, founder of Rotoscoped-Rooter
Dysthymia, dysphoria, suicidal ideation. Are you infected with a metastasizing negativity that's spreading into every bone of your body? Do you walk into a room full of strangers and hate everyone or feel disgust at people going about routine activities like eating? Do you feel the world is full of gargoyles who're inhabited by nothingness, with personality consisting of rabbit holes on whose event horizons you're constantly in danger of drowning. Imagine life as one long anal argument, one of the those all night affairs that takes on a life of its own and ending with you hating yourself as much as the person over whom you've unsuccessfully prevailed—because they’re stubborn and stupid and don’t accept the evisceration of everything which you’ve come to understand as a basic human truth. There's also an exhilaration in annihilation. It’s so definitive like one of those ominous lines that sees death in everything from a Sylvia Plath poem. You like to assert the indestructibility of the ego even though it leaves no recourse and no way out of the solitudinous grave you’ve dug for yourself. Do you enjoy flaunting your inhumanity, your lack of need for the company of anyone and yet suffer when you find your recusal from the community meets with an indifference that only increases your rage? Then it’s time to call Roto-Rooter with their famed jingle, “away go troubles down the drain.”

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