Monday, November 26, 2018

The Final Solution: Holiday Forecast

More misery is predicted for Venezuela. The Saudis will continue to bomb Yemen. Oil prices should remain on an even keel due to the United States laissez-faire attitude towards the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The migration of impoverished peoples to more affluent societies will continue to result in the rise of anti-democratic populist movements. Fires will scorch California and the West Coast while increasingly biblical level flooding will inundate the Florida panhandle and the Southeast. When and if he ever leaves office, Donald Trump will carry his policies forward by getting into the demolition end of the construction business. In the meanwhile the Russians with the help of Facebook will continue to disrupt elections. The friendship between Trump and Kim Jong-un will continue to blossom, despite their lack of progress on disarmament. On a local level bumper to bumper traffic on the George Washington Bridge will turn drivers into sitting ducks. Uber cars will continue to stop wherever they want to make their pickups. Mayor de Blasio will continue to blame New York’s City's problems on the State--and failing infrastructure. Speaking of lifestyle, people who continue to be randomly punched in the face on the streets of New York and other cities will serve as a metaphor for the current spiritual malaise.

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