Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Final Solution: Deconstruction in The White House

Deconstucting the Deutsche Bank Building, photo: ProhibitOnions

As the World Turns was a popular soap opera that ran for 54 years on CBS. What goes around is the point.The concept of “fake news” employs a perverse form of deconstruction to turn history on its head. MBS might have been responsible for the butchering of Jamal Khashoggi or not. Sure there have been floods and fires, but that could be the result of global warming or not. Holocaust deniers used to be considered outliers, but who’s to say that the Holocaust itself is not next on the list for the fake news crowd. Remember Paul de Man the Yale deconstructionist who was found to have ties to the Nazis? No one really has the answers anymore since as Rudy Guiliani recently and memorably said “truth isn’t truth.” Imagine Jacques Derrida as a roving cabinet minister with portfolio sanitizing Homeland Security, Housing and Development Resources and even the Defense Department from any imputation of truth. History has produced strange bedfellows. If radical feminists and Christian fundamentalists can bond over curbing First Amendment rights when it comes to pornography, who says the far left Ecole Normale Superior crowd can’t align themselves with the Trumocracy to defeat Kant’s categorical imperative? The president is in the real estate business and demolition is only a stone’s throw from deconstruction. 

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