Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Final Solution: Death of a Salesman

It’s not just Trump. There’s a whole category of individual that doesn’t feel badly about things that would disturb most others. The Republicans lost the House of Representatives, but Trump has been exuberant about the election results basing his view of the midterms on the Republican control of the Senate. His glass is not only half full. His cup runneth over. Willy Loman, of Death of a Salesman fame, would not have felt the same way about the election results were he in Trump’s shoes. That’s why he’s a tragic and emblematic character who has left such an indelible impression on generations of theater goers. “Attention must be paid,” is the expression that the playwright employs in regard to his character’s plight. It’s not something anyone would worry about in relation to Mr. Trump, who gets plenty of coverage. The one thing that differs Willy Loman from Trump, for example, is the overactive conscience piece. While Willy is haunted and full of introspection, Trump walks out of defeat and declares himself the victor. It’s procrustean and unstoppable, a flow of words that literally buries anything that gets in its way. Even if you're someone who finds solace in Miller’s character, you might have a longing to be someone else, the successful salesman who’s undaunted by anything, the kind of person with a Midas touch who makes you want what he or she has. That may be the selling point for Trump's base.

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