Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What to Look For In Meditation?

A lot of people meditate because they’re seeking enlightenment and they’re disappointed when they don’t achieve satori. The question is, what is enlightenment? It’s like God. There are anthropocentric notions of god and godhead and then there is Godwhich if such a notion exists may be totally separate from any conception one might have of it. If you free yourself from preconceptions of enlightenment, you might find that meditation is significant in terms of what you're not receiving, with the subtlety of the experience the very essence of what's to be parsed. Very simply in meditation you're sitting still rather than moving as you do in most  other activities of life. In addition, you're not interacting with anyone or anything. In the age of social media where the very concept of being unconnected, even in sleep, is increasingly being challenged, this can be an extraordinary, even life changing event. Meditation is a practice so you can undertake it without any guarantee of results and it's the absence it allows that's epiphanic. There's something elemental to doing nothing, to neither giving nor receiving. And that's one of the states that mediation allows the sitter to achieve.

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