Thursday, June 7, 2018

Have You Ever Snubbed Someone Who Doesn't Know You Exist and Other Pyrrhic Victories?

Have you ever snubbed someone who doesn't know you exist? It’s a sublime pleasure that’s reserved for a select group of Don Quixote like windmill chasers and Iceman Cometh pipe dreamers. Pretending that you have no interest in a person who would obviously be very interesting to you in terms of Freud’s two primal categories of love and work is the ultimate Pyrrhic victory. You emerge triumphant while being able to savor the results of defeat at the same time, having come away with nothing more than the frustrating feeling of punching your way out of a paper bag. But what if you gave into your true desires and walked over to a coveted object of either beauty or potential opportunity and found that you were providing gris for somebody else’s mill and that you were fueling feelings of triumph and superiority that were even more enduring due to the fact that they didn’t merely derive from punching air? What if you introduced yourself as Jane Doe and explained that you were always a great admirer of Mr. or Ms. Big’s company, artwork or simply face and found that the reaction was one of an indifference bordering on disdain? Would you then try to convince yourself that you would have been all the more happy if you hadn’t tested the waters and could continue to enjoy the fact that the ball was still in your court and that you had the final say? The answer is probably yes.

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