Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pornosophy: Is Equanimity a Turn On?

Are equality and equanimity a turn-on? An anecdotal appraisal of human relationships would indicate no. If you look up and down the food chain of so-called love and sexuality, there's scant evidence to support this hypothesis. In fact, just the reverse seems to be true. There are the powerful and aggressive and the more submissive souls who seek protection under their wing. One word for this is attraction, another is sado-masochism. Of course there are numerous themes and variations. The wonderful thing about the mathematical principal of permutation is how many of them can be wrought for a seemingly small number of variables. In the equation in question, the passive-aggressive personality throws a wrench into what would be admittedly simpler proceedings. Under the guise of malleability, the passive individual is able to worm his or her way to the top in turn unveiling the fact that the benefactor is the one in need of salvation. Pure submission is a spiritual experience to the extent that the ego is totally subsumed by the larger force—which is, in further extending the complexity, a liberating thing. God is the ultimate dominant and those believers who give themselves over to Him! or Sir! or Mistress XXX! will end up spreading their wings and flying away with literal shit-eating grins on their faces.

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