Friday, December 22, 2017

If There Were Reincarnation, What Would You Choose to Be?

journey of soul according to Jainism  (Shree Diwakar Prakashan)
Reincarnation is an alternatingly enticing and frightening prospect. In the old joke, a reincarnated good ole boy describes the paradise of his afterlife in which he gets up, eats a little, fucks and goes to sleep. It turns out that he’s been reborn as a bull in Minnesota. But what if you came back as an endangered species like an elephant, a snake or as say Don Juan at a time when like the present when male studs are themselves an endangered species? It was nice to be John Kennedy, before he was assassinated in l963 when he occupied a heavenly place, a modern Camelot in which wealthy well-born young men who became President held the power of kings—with one of the entitlements being the fact that they got all the ladies in waiting. The Marquis de Sade didn’t have it so good. He went to jail for the tortures he performed on young maidens. If Roy Moore could be reincarnated, would he have chosen to be a believer of the squeaky clean variety like say Jimmy Carter? Or would he perhaps have preferred to be a bull in Minnesota even though the one drawback is that most bulls aren’t conscious of the fact that they’re assaulting every heifer in sight and hence don’t get to experience the rush that comes from the power trip. It’s hard to ask animals if they would like to be reincarnated as people since they don’t have the ability of answering the question. But imagine a dog who got reincarnated as a wealthy baron and who was able to pat the pate of a one-time master who had been turned into an Irish Setter?

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