Monday, December 18, 2017

A Yoni Mitchell Fan Club?

Joni Mitchell 1975 (Asylum Records)
“Carli Jo Bidlingmaier was talking to a group of 20-somethings…explaining that consuming marijuana allows a woman to awaken her 'yoni,' a Sanskrit term for vagina favored by Hollywood bohemians,” began the piece from the Sunday Style section of The Times ("Hey, 'Budtender': Los Angeles's Power Brokers of Pot Crank Up t he Kook,NYT, 12/9/17). In these parlous times, it's surprsing that pot-smoking female denizens of Hollywood are not making sure their yonis are asleep. An awakened yoni may fall pray to a Harvey, which, though not a Sanskrit word, is something everyone fears. Yoni is an odd word for the female genitalia when you think of it and one wonders about its onomatopoeic significance. From what elements of human nature does the root derive? For instance you have many Jonis who are folksingers, the most famous of whom is Joni Mitchell. One wonders if Joni might have become a Madonna if she had only changed her name to Yoni. The Times piece by the way identifies Carli Jo Bidlingmaier as "a former casting producer for 'The Bachelor,'" but would her career possibilities have been enhanced if she slightly altered the Carli? Bidlingmaier might be an exotic enough sounding last name, but wouldn't it be like Spanish fly if you made her Yoni Jo?

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