Friday, October 13, 2017

The Final Solution: Is the Earth Beginning to Wobble?

photo of Earth: NASA/Apollo 17 crew
It’s probably occurring to some people that mankind is headed into the equivalent of another ice age. Supposedly the ice age that abolished many forms of life including dinosaurs was the result of a meteor hitting earth. Now we have torrential hurricanes aided and abetted by warming waters, earthquakes and finally devastating fires destroying communities in Northern California. It’s hard to figure out the chain of causality, but if global warming is causing these environmental disasters then in a domino effect the disasters themselves, like the ones in California that wipe out forests, only further the insult to nature. How much can the earth withstand? Drought itself like the ones stoking the recent fires can actually affect the axis on which the planet turns."Scientists Just Figured Out What's Causing the Earth to Wobble," CNBC, 4/9/16) Trump has indicated he's increasing the inventory of lethal nuclear weapons as if the 4000 or so the US presently has weren’t enough and he’s also threatening to deal with North Korea by eradicating the country. "Trump Wanted Ten Fold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal Surprising Military," ran an NBC story that created it’s own waves, “Trump Threatens NBC Over Nuclear Weapons Report,NYT, 10/11/17). It’s Greek chorus time since in a kind of antiphonal effect the cosmos seems to be responding. You don’t have to believe in anything to see that at the very least the system is becoming like an electrical circuit that’s heating up and heading for a short. The earth has never seemed more fragile than in our current meteorological crises and at what point will the troop and FEMA deployments simply not be adequate to handle all of the  meltdowns, not to mention the prospect of limited or even all out war arising in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian theaters? 

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