Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Showtime recently unleashed a reality-based series that takes place in a Beverly Hills sex club. Early episodes have included interviews with couples who aspire to join the exclusive club along with a segment dealing with a prospective performer who offered expertise in fart fetishes. The new show Naked SNCTM follows in the footsteps of Gigolos which took place in Las Vegas and gave an inside view of the kind of fantasies male escorts are asked to explore with their clients. The scenes from the SNCTM club itself are reminiscent of some of the straying that goes on in the orgies portrayed in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut where many of the attendees wore animal masks over the faces. Sexual performances in which young maidens with strap-ons perform simulated sex on each other have been another feature of the series. One can't help but wonder how SNCTM stacks up aganst Les Chandelles, the sex club that Dominique Strauss-Kahn reputedly frequented in Paris. But as television Gigolos provided a more relaxing and democratic feeling than Naked SNCTM offers. Women possessing varying levels of pulchritude kinds gave vent to their desires and the only requirement was that they could afford the services provided (though the mention of actual cash amounts was conspicuously absent). Naked SNCTM is much more anxiety provoking. After the whole experience of trying to get into a good college or professional school, who wants to be interviewed for membership in a sex club which judges whether you are "SNCTM worthy" and further who wants to receive one of those “We are sorry to inform you...” letters? It would be hard not to conclude that looks played a role in admissions and is there anyone who wants to be told that they’re too ugly to be allowed in? Showtime’s next reality gambit should take place in a club with more relaxed admissions policies, say an old fashioned whorehouse (like the old HBO Cathouse series, where anybody is allowed to get their rocks off.

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