Monday, April 24, 2017

The Kind of Post That Requires a Centerfold

Relativity and quantum mechanics revolutionized physics and one of the problems for the casual observer is that their truths are not easily verifiable to the naked eye. In one way of another experience is deceptive. People pay lip service to the unconscious or subconscious as it’s sometimes called, but few people really believe such an entity exists. One of the jokes about the unconscious concerns its exact location. Is it a lower or higher brain activity or somewhere in between? It’s a little reminiscent of the argument concerning consciousness and whether it’s a physical property of the brain or whether, as dualists since Descartes have argued, its something separate. Though some scientists like Richard Dawkins might bridle at this, the same can be said about God, whose existence is denied by agnostics and atheists on the basis of the fact that it can’t be proven. In any case, the ultimate subject from an eschatological or teleological point of view is really what is the final nature of things. Lucretius wrote a famous poem, De rerum natura which deals with the nature of reality and of course there’s Plato’s metaphor of the cave where the ideal forms of human existence are only shadows on the wall. The theory of Dark Energy posits that space will become darker and darker as the universe continues to expand and objects drift further from each other. The more that occurs and empirical observation is pushed to the wayside, the more faith will come into play.

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