Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Final Solution: Dealing With Road Rage and North Korea

 Photo of USS Carl Vinson by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Eric Coffer
Dealing with rogue states like North Korea is reminiscent of road rage, both from the point of the view of the person who is the victim of it and also of the perpetrator. Kim Jong-un not only acts but looks like some people you might see on the LIE, the kind of person who barely misses your front fender as he or she weaves in and out of traffic at perilously high speeds. It’s a little like Kim’s current threat to test another nuclear device after the recent failure of an ICBM launch. You want to do something to stop him in his tracks the way you might tailgate the weaving driver or pull up alongside him or her and give him or her the bird. Conversely, by threatening to blow up the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, Kim Jong-un is expressing his own version of road rage, in fact the kind where you pull up alongside the offending vehicle and attempt to run it right off the road. In between these two extremes are a number of themes and variations, one of which is pulling right in front of the car that has been tailgating you and stopping short. Don’t do it, if you want to walk away in one piece! But the question is how to deal with road rage when you're either the object of it or the perpetrator? Well if you are the victim, don’t react. Instead, take down the license plate of the offending driver and call the cops. In the event you’re the one who has committed it, don’t make things worse by upping the ante. Of course if you're two nation states, rogue or otherwise, this is easier said than done.

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