Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump v. Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut (photo:Postdlf)
Much has been made of Hillary Clinton being the first American president, but lest we over value this achievement let’s remember the famous Hatshepsut who was the second woman Pharaoh. You can view her in the Met’s Egyptian wing and before her there was Sobekneferu. In modern times we have of course had Golda Meir, Israel’s fifth prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkell, the chancellor of Germany and Britain's current prime minister, Theresa May. Whether Helen of Troy was a political figure or figurehead remains to be seen, but she certainly would qualify as being one of Hegel’s figures of World Historical importance, having caused The Trojan War. And how would some of these famous woman leaders have fared against Donald Trump in a debate? Imagine Trump facing off against Hatshepsut. Even though you can’t get a good handle on a piece of stone, you get the feeling that the famous Egyptian pharaoh was unmoving and imperturbable. Would Trump have dared to accuse her of not having the "stamina" for the job? Her steely gaze would undoubtedly have shaken the billionaire real estate developer’s resolve. How would Trump have handled Meir who is not exactly what you’d call a babe, when she began to rattle him with her prodigious intelligence? Would he have attacked her appearance? And then there’s Margaret Thatcher whose character was played by Meryl Streep. She was hardly a slouch and by the way who should  play Hillary in the movie version of the life of our first female president and who Trump, Robert Redford--due to the hairdo?

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