Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Discounted Mating in Captivity

Esther Perel, the therapist and author of Mating in Captivity, recently advertised an “Annual Sexual Health Day Sale-50% Off All Workshops.” On the last day she wrote:"Today is the last day to take advantage of our annual World Sexual Health Day sale...It's never too late to have an amazing sex life." Introducing the idea of such promotions into the realm of psychotherapy and medicine itself could really provide a welcome antidote to those who are tired having to negotiate the shoals of insurance coverage. For instance rather than having to haggle with your insurer about the need for a colonoscopy every five years, why not buy a package of them at a markdown price? Why not make the colonoscopy cheaper by the dozen? But let’s go back to talk therapy, another area that insurers balk at providing for. Psychopharmacology has gotten an unfair advantage since both patients and providers are so disinclined to provide coverage for the dreaded long term therapy. However, what if you're willing to go it on your own? Let your talk therapist meet you half way by making a two for one offer, which on a long term basis would amount, lo and behold, to the antiquated notion of a long term Freudian analysis. The same can be said for EKG’s, full body scans and another dreaded elective procedure everyone is eager to avoid precisely due the mixture of unpleasantness and cost, dental prophylaxis, otherwise known as teeth cleaning. 

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