Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Motors

It’s by no means berating Donald Trump to say that he looks like a car salesman and it’s not to cast any aspersions on car salesmen to say that Donald Trump looks like one of them. But if you were going to engage in profiling wouldn’t the blown dried hair and the portly physique, perhaps covered by a shark skin suit and patent leather loafers, fit the type? Indeed some of the turbulence of Trump’s personality and that part of him which seems to be perpetually about to go out of  control may result from his missing his calling. You’ve heard of the four humors, bile, phlegm, yellow bile and blood. Could Trump’s misplaced energies have caused a war between phlegm and bile? Just place him in a Chrysler show room and all the blusteriness, the malaproprisms and misinformation will all soon make sense. He’ll be in his proper habitat. Trump Motors even sounds like the name of a dealership, no? Looking at this another way, Donald Trump has never really broken away from his oedipal relationship with his father, who quashed his son’s great potential to run an automobile dealership by luring him into real estate. And then came leading Trump University and finally the presidency. Who the hell knows how this last happened (though Ike was president of Columbia before he landed in The White House)?  But now he’s stuck again and the shoe obviously doesn’t fit the foot. Once the elections are over and he loses to Hillary, he may secretly breathe a sigh of relief when he realizes he is now free to embrace the profession for which he was always destined. He will become the greatest car salesman this country has ever known.

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