Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pornosophy: Ten Sex Clubs Where You Can Redeem Your Rewards Points

There's obviously nothing unusual about credit cards being used in sex clubs and lap dancing establishments. That's in fact how most of these businesses make their profits. The customer gets inebriated and the sky or his credit ceiling is the limit. How many purveyors of credit card sex wish the day after that they had not had their cards so readily available? But what about the sex tourist with a good business sense, the kind who is level-headed enough to use his or her rewards points to pay for their transactions? One of the most common ways of using rewards points is for air travel. Accumulate enough points and you can buy your tickets to Paris, Rome or even a sex capital like Bangkok. But once you have arrived the trick is to find the kind of lap dancing establishments, massage parlors and brothels where you can use your rewards points to buy foreplay or even intercourse. The question is can you reap a real reward for your rewards points and if in the moment of passionate lust, you have the wherewithal to defer your reward so that you can make a financially sound decision that will not exhaust the budget. How many sex tourists would have been spared credit card debt if they had had the presence of mind to employ this version of coitus interruptus? Sure they might drain their rewards point accounts to the point where it will be a long time before they’re flying, but the experience will undoubtedly produce its own high. Imagine a hypothetical list of ten new sex clubs where rewards points can be exchanged for sex. The first would be Last Tango in Paris’s Second Arrondissement. There for 1,000, 000 rewards points you’d be able to relive the famous butter scene from the Bertolucci classic.

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