Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pornosophy: If it Fucks Like A Bunny, Is it a Rabbit?

Are gay men revolted by the sight of the vagina or merely indifferent to it? If gay women don’t like penises why are dildos a common sex toy in lesbian porn? Much has been written on the psychodynamics and also the genetics of both gay and so-called straight sex. Classical Freudian therapy looked at homosexuality as an oedipal matter while a major agenda of same sexists is that it is not a neurosis or psychological condition but something one is born with, say the way one has male secondary sex characteristics with xy chromosomes while those with female secondary sex characteristics are born with xx chromosomes. Still it would be revealing to learn what really turns people of different sexual persuasions (including so-called heterosexuals) on and it would be even more interesting to see the overlaps. Do gay women fetishistically objectify their partners? Do they ogle the parade of tits and ass like some men do on the street? Are there men with the sensibility of women who love other women or women who experiences the feeling states of men who love other men? Many boys grow up dreaming about naked women, but then one day in the locker room they are shocked to find themselves staring at a penis with longing. What brings about these kinds of changes?  Masters of Sex, the HBO series based on the famed sex researchers Masters and Johnson underlines how primitive the knowledge of sex was and continues to be. Sex is still a taboo. Advertisements for drugs like Cialis and Viagra boast huge statistics for those suffering from ED. But have you heard any men talking about it? Do we really know what makes homosexuals, heterosexuals and those in between (trannies) feel the way they do? We're armed with categories and preconceptions, but what’s the truth? If it fucks like bunny, is it really a rabbit? 

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