Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre-war Four Bedroom, River View

Owner relocating Munich apartment with tableau of idealized figures over fireplace mantel available. The owner of this duplex, a former head of state who moved to a Latin American country after noteworthy career in service to his country, is selling this immaculately appointed pied-à-terre at a price competitive with other apartments in this exclusive neighborhood. The central galleria of the apartment is perfect for entertaining—auspicious and intimate at the same time. Amenable to both ballroom dancing and goose-stepping, the apartment is equipped with an oversized oven, which can accommodate large crowds and is perfect for fowl. The lampshades are authentic tattoo print, giving them the appearance of real human skin. The building has an updated security system that is backed up with electrified barbed wire and sentinels who will shoot intruders on sight. Within walking distance of national library, renowned art institute where former owner studied, and sites of legendary Beer Hall Putsch and Reichskristallnacht festivities.

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