Monday, January 24, 2011

Diasporic Dining XXI: Lichtman's Brain Cloud

Go down to Banjo Jim’s on Avenue C on a Monday night and listen to a group named Lichtman’s Brain Cloud. They call what they play Western Swing and have one or two fiddles, a bass, a single drum and an electric guitar, amongst other instruments, including the electric mandolin. The group is presided over by a lead singer named Tamar Korn, a petit, dark haired young woman with a charismatic, startling voice. She can dance in a country music kind of way, but the voice is mesmerizing. It sounds like Billie Holiday as heard through an old-time radio, only turned up loud and clear. It’s distant yet creates vibrations that could make a string ring. It ignites your inner harmonics. Tamar can also use her voice to mimic the sounds of instruments. When she takes a breather, Brain Cloud plays instrumental numbers all on its own. The group has a small following, but some day they are going to make it to the big time. Garrison Keillor’s talent scouts should head down to Banjo Jim’s to hear Tamar and Brain Cloud one Monday. They’d be wonderful guests on A Prairie Home Companion.


  1. Readers of the SP can hear more of Tamar Korn's singing and songwriting on Gaucho's fourth album Pearl.


  2. Can't wait to here more of Tamar on Pearl. SP

  3. Rumor has it the Brain Cloud will be releasing a CD soon. I'll try to post more info when I find out details. Can't wait to hear that!


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