Monday, February 8, 2010

Car Talk Chat Room

Distributor Cap: “My brakes went out on my 2010 Prius here in Kabul where I’m stationed. I also had a little problem with my accelerator pedal sticking, but I hit a cadre of Taliban, which brought me to a firm stop in time to avoid getting ticketed for going through a red light. By the way, what’s GM going to do? If I were chairman of GM I would look into buying up the old Edsel from Ford.”

Suspension: Thanks Distributor Cap. I'm happy you were able to come to a full stop. I’m sorry if any Taliban got hurt, but it’s better than when jet engines run through flocks of them and the whole plane goes down. That’s what happened to Sully. By the way, if Sully could land that plane in the Hudson, he’d be the man to handle GM’s crash landing.

Carburetor: Hi guys. Thought I’d join in. I wanted to back up Suspension’s point. Some of these troubled automotive companies have to deplane.

Obama: Uh, hello. (Pause.) Just thought I’d say hello.

Distributor Cap: Hi Mr. President.

Carburetor: Hi Mr. President.

Suspension: Hi Mr. President.

Obama:. GM is a black hole that will suck up anything that gets in its way. We’re working on using GM as a weapon against the Chinese. Well, back to the Opel office.

Carburetor: I’d rather drive a cruller than a Toyota Corona. Touché Mr. President.

Distributor Cap: He’s a goner. Christ, I wanted to ask him about bringing Toyota and GM together. Those two’d be the Mercedes of automotive support groups.

Meineke Muffler: I think we should keep that amongst ourselves.

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