Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Banquet Years

Inanition is a capacious antonym of ignition. Meanings and the derivations of words are archeological and usage can defy evolution. Remember when "gay" meant happy. Today if you say a democrat is "gay," you're definitely not referring to their political condition. Matisse and Derain were Fauves. The name means wild animals ostensibly due to the way these artists shocked even the liberal-minded salon d'automne of l903. You might mistakenly think Rousseau was a Fauve because he painted sublime scenes of 
savage innocence delineated in Roger Shattuck's, The Banquet Years--an exploration of another side of the French avant-garde including theater personages like Alfred Jarry whose last words were "give me a toothpick." Today there are sentences that "wake" (aka "woke") to find themselves Swiss cheese. Language can create strange bedfellows as evidenced in the unholy alliance between fundamentalists and feminists over porn. Interestingly Porn Hub bills itself as a community. But don't count on finding any rent stabilized housing on their site.

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