Monday, July 1, 2024

Pearl Harbor

view of Pearl Harbor from Japanese Plane

Pearl Harbor led to the destruction of the Axis Powers. It's a perfect illustration of Hegelian dialectics. Even though Philip K Dick's Man in the High Castle posits an alternate universe in which the US comes into fascist orbit, the country was always in a unique position as a result of geography--a reason why isolationism has always been a dubious but viable foreign policy alternative. Not so in our current highly interconnected world. Today social media and rogue leaders like Kim Jong-un, who are threatening to use their ICBMs to bring about Armageddon, are a lethal combination. Fundamentalist sects like Hamas and the government of Iran, which like MAGA hold to an irrational belief in all powerful leaders, make it impossible to pretend there is safety in numbers or distance. The Trump/Biden"debate" was Pearl Harbor. Restitution will, hopefully, unleash a comparable result in destroying the dangerous movement towards autocracy in modern nation states.

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