Monday, November 14, 2022

Quantum Entanglements

Stephanie Burt, the poet and Harvard professor used to be Stephen Burt. So, it’s not surprising
 she's interested in the Multiverse ("The Never-Ending Story," The New Yorker, 11/7/22). In fact isn’t “transitioning” akin to entering an alternate or parallel universe where another form of the same self exists? It’s also a principle of quantum mechanics that a particle can be in two places at the same time. The “unreliable narrator” is a device used by many writers, but Jorge Luis Borges might be called the Ur “transitioning” narrator. Borges’ story within a story is to fiction what Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is to quantum mechanics. Burt quotes from one of the Argentinian writer’s most famous works, “The Garden of  Forking Paths” thusly: “This network of times which approached one another, forked, broke off, or were unaware of one another for centuries, embraces all possibilities of time. We do not exist in the majority of these times; in some you exist, and not I; in others I, and not you; in others, both of us.” In the meanwhile, the question is, which pronoun to use?

read "Pet Buddha" by Francis Levy, Vol.1 Brooklyn

and watch the trailer for Erotomania

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