Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Diasporic Dining: Beyond Tongue

When will the people who brought you Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage consider Beyond Tongue? Not to mouth off, but remember chocolate ants? The possibilities are endless. Beyond Corn Beef, Beyond Pastrami, Beyond Salami Beyond Brisket--Beyond Cold Cuts will likely become within the wheelhouse of vegans, for whom delis were once a no man’s land. Even fast food is beginning to go "beyond" as it broaches what was formerly beyond imagination. If you patronize Burger King you can now get the Impossible Whopper and with the once impossible dream of farmers breeding chicken parts slowly moving into the realm of possibility,  it shouldn’t be long before the Colonel and Popeyes feature their own synthetic versions of the bucket. But Beyond Tongue may well be the creme de la creme. If you have ever looked into a cow’s mouth, you know that the cat’s got its tongue, though that’s better than Beyond Pussy. "You don't want to go to the sausage factory" is an expression that's applies when people would rather not see what goes on behind the scenes.That's the thing about Beyond Tongue. No one's going to talk.

read "Diasporic Dining: The Impossible Whopper" by Francis Levy, TheScreamingPope

and listen to "Young Americans" by David Bowie

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