Monday, September 12, 2022

Isle of the Dead

"Isle of the Dead" by Arnold Bocklin

Whether your crossing the Styx or passing through the pearly gates you’ll undoubtedly feel like that first day of kindergarten when your eyes welled up and all’s you wanted to do was go home. There’s nothing more humiliating than involuntarily crying out “mommy” in public. It’s as humiliating as laying a smelly fart and trying desperately to make it look like it’s emanating from someone else. But whether you’re entering the afterlife or suffering from afflatus you’ll likely find yourself in good company. Spoiler Alert. Death is the same as life only everything is immaterial. You spend forever looking at the menu but never get around to ordering. The nice part is that everyone’s in the same boat. No you will never hear back about so and so or such and such. Death is the great leveler; there are no royal families. There are no winners or losers and you’re never far from another lost soul who's going through the same thing as you.

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