Thursday, September 29, 2022

Caveat Emptor Camp Lejeune

Are you suffering from PTSD hearing commercials from liability lawyers trying to profit from the suffering of soldiers stationed at Camp LeJeune between 1952-87? Have the preponderance of these mind-numbing jeremiads made you want to turn off CNN, even amidst the juicy reporting about the latest suit filed against Donald Trump? No sooner do you hear about the top secret files pilfered by the former President and his goons then you listen to yet one more law firm plugging their services. It’s probably fair to say ads aimed at victims of Camp Lejeune sandwich in most television programs. Those who sell ad space to law firms are now simply asking “do you want a Camp Lejeune sandwich?” by which is meant a double whammy that comes before and after the reporting of the latest Trump debacle. Camp Lejeune btw has completely knocked Mesothelioma, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Ice T’s Car Shield commercials off the air. Few other complaints can compete unless you want to include Trump lover Lee Zeldin’s futile attempt to run for governor against Kathy Hochul. But here’s the deal. How will those who were poisoned at Camp Lejeune get their day in court when all their lawyers are interested in doing is advertising for new clients?

read "The Final Solution: Caveat Emptor" by Francis Levy, HuffPost

and listen to "Rescue Me"by Fontella Bass

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