Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Double Espresso or Triple Crown?

The fact that something is important and even life-changing doesn’t mitigate against it being boring. At what point does the pageantry surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s demise begin to numb? What hurts more, inflation or the soporific reporting about it? Inflation is the proof that something can negatively impact you in multiple ways, in this case by being both expensive and boring. Biden is a good person who breathes equanimity, but with the exception of his recent rousing anti-MAGA speech in front of Independence Hall, he can take the place of Ambien if you’re having sleep problems. Steve Bannon quoted Milton’s “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven” in Errol Morris' American Dharma. And yes bring on Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron Johnson, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert and Paul Gosar and you don’t need to set your alarm clock. Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito are like a double espresso. What about the dictators club made up of Putin, Kim Jong-un, Bolsonaro, Orban and Xi Jinping meeting at Mar-A-Lago to divvy up the classified documents? That'd be almost as good as the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Environmental Accords, the squelching of the Iran Nuclear agreements and threatened withdrawal from NATO. Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years. She never smiled at weddings or showed her cards. She didn’t really rule, but was a perfect figurehead, unmoving and in many ways totally unchanging like the Sphinx. Her proto-fascistic uncle, the Duke of Windsor, gave up the crown for the love of an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson. Let’s face it this last was the scoop of the century.

read "Trumpty Dumpty's Great Fall" by Francis Levy, The East Hampton Star

and listen to "(I'm a) Roadrunner" by Junior Walker & The AllStars

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