Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Tales From the Ontological Sinkhole

Do you ever find yourself digging deep—when it comes to resentments? Cream rises to the top, but what if you're not content with the crème de la crème, when it comes to who gets under your skin. Maybe you're tired of the same old cast of characters and on the verge of falling into an ontological sink hole aka step in shit just as it’s about to hit the fan. On the way down you'll cross the Styx and run into Charon and then probably pass Eurydice hitting bottom and maybe even a revival of Black Orpheus at Film Forum. You'll also run into Clarence and Ginny Thomas on the road to hell which by now will have run out of good intentions. The fact that most of the people you can’t stop thinking about are dead only seems to increase their hold over you. You replay the same old tapes. There’s no limit to the depths you’ll sink in your search for new targets on which to latch your trove of spite.

read "Limbo" by Francis Levy, The Evergreen Review

and listen to "Beauty is Only Skin Deep" by The Temptations

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