Friday, June 24, 2022

A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

Beezdelbub from Pilgram's Progress

Is this a dream from which the human race has yet to awake, starting with the recession of 2008 and now marching on through the Trump years with the appointment of 3 ideologically motivated Supreme Court justices who succeeded in repealing Roe v. Wade and calling New York’s gun law unconstitutional all within a two day period—with same sex marriage and contraception yet up for grabs, not to speak of George Floyd, Covid, QAnon and violent Trump caravans making certain boys proud? In quantum physics a particle can be two places at the same time. Such is the theory from which the idea of alternate universes springs. Maybe it’s just a matter of jumping to another string which will a la Midsummer Night’s Dream  reunite the lovers. Everyone is talking about the effect of Dobbs v. Jackson on the midterms and how the conservative backlash will meet with its own backlash from the majority of Americans who favor abortion rights. But why waste all the energy. Just enter the wormhole and jump to a better version of the world.

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